Mania Assessment - Level 2

The ASRM (Altman Self-Rating Mania Scale) is a 5-item self-rating mania scale designed to assess the presence and/or severity of manic symptoms. The measure is completed by the individual prior to a visit with the clinician.

If the individual receiving care is of impaired capacity and unable to complete the form (e.g., an individual with dementia), a knowledgeable informant may complete the measure.

Each item asks the individual (or informant) to rate the severity of the individual’s manic symptoms during the past 7 days.


  • Choose the one statement in each group that best describes the way you (the individual receiving care) have been feeling for the past week Please note: The word “occasionally” when used here means once or twice; “often” means several times or more and “frequently” means most of the time.
Many people experience the symptoms or characteristics on these assessments at various points in time. Having some symptoms or characteristics does not necessarily mean you have a disorder. For these symptoms to be considered a psychological disorder, they must cause significant impairment in functioning. This is another reason why evaluation by a health professional is essential and these assessments are just a first step
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